Synology : Installing MariaDB

29 October 2015

MariaDB is an open source DBMS (Database Management System). It is highly compatible with MySQL and allows users to effortlessly migrate from MySQL to MariaDB databases. With MariaDB, you can read, update and manage your data easily and efficiently. Its installation is required to install the WordPress CMS (french post) on the NAS.

MariaDB Logo

Seal replaces the MySQL dolphin.

For the record, MySQL was bought by Syn Microsystems in 2008 for the modest sum of $ 1 billion. Oracle later bought Sun in 2009.

The creator of MySQL, Michael Widenius, decided to leave the company to launch the MariaDB project. It reuses the MySQL source code to create a fork. You can get more information through this article.

How to install MariaDB on Synology NAS ?

DiskStation Manager version used in this article is 5.2
This article was translated by a machine from this post written in french : Synology : Installer MariaDB

Follow these steps to install this program on your Synology NAS.

Open the package center and display the Utilities category. Search the application MariaDB and start the installation.

The application does not require any additional configuration.

Installing MariaDB on a Synology NAS

Installing MariaDB on a Synology NAS

The configuration interface offers you to reset the password for the root user. Rather useful if you lose your password!

You can also remove the hosted databases.

The next step is to install phpMyAdmin to administer the DBMS.

Reset the root password MariaDB / phpMyAdmin

You must click on the button “Change MariaDB password” then the red button “Reset MariaBD password”.

This action will reset the root password used to connect to phpMyAdmin. To redefine a new password, you can view the phpMyAdmin setup tutorial.

Reset the root password MariaDB

Reset the root password MariaDB / phpMyAdmin

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