Synology : Enable SSH

20 December 2015

SSH (Secure Shell) is a secure communications protocol to connect to the Linux operating system of your Synology NAS.

You can see his Wikipedia page if you want to know more about this exchange protocol.

How to activate SSH?

DiskStation Manager version used in this article is 5.2
This article was translated by a machine from this post written in french : Synology : Activer le protocole SSH

Go into your nas Control Panel, and then in Terminal & SMNP. Then check the Enable SSH service.

Enabling the SSH service on a Synology NAS

Enabling the SSH service on a Synology NAS

Confirm via the Apply button.

Connect to the terminal via SSH and PuTTY

In Windows, use a program like PuTTY is needed to establish a connection between your computer and your NAS.

SSH connection with PuTTY

SSH connection with PuTTY

Find the IP address or the name of your NAS, select the port 22 and open a connection by clicking the Open button.

The terminal window opens asking you to enter a login.
Connect with the user of your choice.

Common SSH Commands

This tutorial presents some SSH commands on a Linux terminal.

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